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10 tips for looking after yourself in the second lock down
Are you worried about the impact a second lockdown is having on your mental health? We asked Tory Adams, a Specialist Mentor in Marjon’s Studen (More)
Five tips for settling into university
Starting university is a big step, it is exciting but it can take a while to feel settled and that’s at the best of times. For now, with a restric (More)
Happy Pride Month
I’ve been asked to talk a little bit about myself, the work I do and my time at Marjon, to ma (More)
My dyslexia and the support I get at Marjon
Hi, I’m Betony, a first year Speech and Language Therapy student and I am dyslexic. I’m going to write a bit about the funded sup (More)
What is kindness and why does it matter?
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Today kicks off the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, held by the Mental Health Foundation, and the theme of t (More)
#MarjonTogether: The stories behind the hashtag
What makes a popular hashtag? It's really simple - if it means something to people it gets used. I'm going to share the story of a hashtag that connects the Marjon com (More)
Feeling a motivation slump?
It has been a long time since we all entered lockdown, and psychologically we are beginning to feel the strain. I have lost count of the conversations I have had in t (More)
Study skills for students with disabilities
The Specialist Study Skills tutors are also currently working from home and providing online support to ou (More)
Managing stress in the times of coronavirus
The Mental Health Foundation explains stress as something we all feel when there is too much going on or when a situation or event feels like it is out of our control.  It (More)
What it is like to study at Marjon with a disability?
Fear, excitement and trepidation are some of the feelings I had on my first day at Marjon. I (More)
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