Session Rationale:

The session overall is to focus on the defenders. This includes focusing them to track back whilst the attackers are on the attack. Enforcing the defenders to attempt to recover in their runs. I wanted to see them to try jockeying, 1v1 or 3v3 opportunities when arisen. Whilst, that was going on make sure I get involve by instructing them to do a certain technical movement (giving individuals or team challenges).

Key Themes:

  • Jockeying your man
  • Creating space
  • Should you be facing forward or behind?
  • Overloads/underloads

Coaching Evaluation:

  • – Players understood what I wanted to get across.
  • – Most players met the objectives of creating recovery runs.
  • – Players were engaged and ready
  • – I would change this by incorporating individual and team challenges to create opportunities to develop. Making them realistic.
  • – I feel my planning was average for an initial plan. However, next time to include a second plan and show different variations of that activity. As I believe that let me down in the second part of the activity.
  • – I feel I was engaging and demonstrating the role of an instructor as I was informing the players on what to do. At certain points, I stopped the activity to get involved and explained certain points which they should try to do. After doing that they achieved what I wanted to get across.
  • – In the first activity there was only minimal technical knowledge. I feel that I need to go back to my session plan again or research on how to show these technical points more effectively.
  • – on the first session, I feel I was aiming at motivating, congratulating and instructing the players.
  • – I should next time focus on rewarding the players, unsure how to reward them in the correct context. Hopefully, I can expand on this at a later date.

To develop as a coach:

  • – Develop my technical knowledge where I should make sure that it is relevant to the activity.
  • – Let the activity to go on and see the team or individual to develop and to only intervene when something is not going right. Freedom to play.




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