So today was my first day of placement and although it probably sounds ridiculous, it really does give you an insight into what it will be like once you leave university and get a real job. Well, working down at ECFC I suppose I’m somewhat at an advantage because I have done some voluntary work for them before but now it’s different. I have responsibilities and I have to stay organised and complete different tasks throughout the day. Today, the first thing I did was sit in on a meeting to discuss an event that is being hosted tomorrow evening. It gave me a real confidence boost being able to have an input. We talked about some upcoming events that certain things need to be put in place for. We also went through a checklist to see what was left to do. I was left in charge of creating a table plan for the guests at the event tomorrow evening. Sounds simple I know, but as a first task it was a challenge. Anyway, more to come on Thursday after the John Barnes event tomorrow evening. Stay tuned.

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