Day two of placement and oh my what a day it was. I guess on of the many perks of working at a football club is that there is always a chance of meeting current players and ex players and footballing legends. Which is what I got to experience first hand on Tuesday evening when the events team hosted John Barnes at the Great Hall in Exeter. It was amazing, throughout the day I helped do odd jobs leading up to it and in the evening I got to stand on reception and greet people and show them where their seats are. Once everyone was seated, they had food and played a game. There was also an auction and obviously John Barnes was then there to speak. He was so chatty and it was amazing to hear about his experiences and his life. It was such an amazing experience and of course I had to have a picture with him, otherwise my dad (big Liverpool fan) would’ve been very disappointed. There are some pictures attached to this post of the evening.

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