Week one complete and I am now half way through my second week at my new placement. Yes, you read that correctly, I did say NEW placement. If there is one thing that doing placement has taught me it is that regardless of the outcome it really is important to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. As you are aware, I was originally doing my placement at Exeter City FC which was great may I add and I have absolutely no regrets about going there. Things didn’t work out quite how they were planned but that’s okay. After a couple of weeks spent emailing and putting things in place, on June 3rd I started placement at Budehaven Community School.

I attend placement from 9am-3:20pm, Monday through to Friday. I had the best first week, it was so much fun. The staff are lovely as well which is really nice. It was the first week back after half term and weirdly, everything seemed to run smoothly. The main sports that were focused on were rounders, tennis, cricket and athletics. On Friday afternoon there was a group of girls who were refusing to participate so I got a football out and took them on to the astro. They had the choice of what they wanted to do and then at the end I got them into a 5-aside game. The best thing for me was seeing them smiling and telling me how much fun they had. It was a real boost in confidence and now i’m ready for my second week in the school.

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