So, week two complete and what an eye opener it was. The week started off a little bit rocky but as the week went on everyone was alright. I am absolutely loving my time here at Budehaven, the more time goes on the more you get to know students and in my opinion I really have age on my side. It is clear to see that the pupils see me as a role model, they know they can a joke around with me but that I also have a serious side. Being a student here in the past makes me compare my experience to how everything is now. VERY different. The difference in behaviour has been the biggest shock to me but I am enjoying myself nonetheless. I get to go into several different lessons. Athletics, rounders, tennis and I sit in on the GCSE PE lessons as well. It is amazing that what I learnt in GCSE I can apply while i’m here. There are some lessons that i’m able to teach in but when i’m not doing that I spend my time picking up on different teaching techniques that the teachers use.

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