My third week at Budehaven seemed to be a bit of a long one. They have had a lot of end of year tests going on so the PE lessons come last in a situation like that unfortunately. What I did do though was clear out filing cabinets and mark test papers. Although it sounds awful, it really wasn’t that bad. It just goes to show that teaching isn’t all glamorous and that there is background work needed to be done. I’m happy to say that by Friday the filing cabinets were empty and the papers that needed marking had been marked. In the week of not actually being in many lessons I had time to reflect on myself as a student teacher and how I think I’m doing. I am very happy with my progress, my confidence has grown massively. When i’m here I tend to forget that I am only in my second year of university but i’m amazed at how much being at Budehaven has helped me grow as a person and has given me the push I needed to make my decision on the career path I am going to take. I have noticed recently that I get drawn to the students who misbehave or the ones that get upset before PE and do what I can to get them involved. Now that’s not to say that i’m always successful but I am so set on making sure everyone is doing some form of physical activity even if it means kicking a ball around or throwing a tennis ball to each other.

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