This first blog really hits home, being a woman in sport myself I feel like it is so relatable, maybe not competing at a high level so much but the fact Anna Marie Phelps states that we should not be bringing girls up thinking that second best is okay and that lower pay and smaller trophies is acceptable.

This second blog is this man’s view on how sport isn’t just used as sport for sport’s sake, it is used for the development of people and areas as well.

This third blog is very similar to the second one, it speaks about how sport is about much more than finding olympic athletes and winning medals, it is about developing communities and bringing people together.

Here is a little quote I have taken from this blog post. Again, similar to the other 2 above.

“Sport creates a special culture of unity and is omnipresent – you may not yet find clean water in every community in the world, but there will probably be a football match going on.”

I really enjoyed reading this blog, it was all about using sport as a tool for social change, promoting gender and racial equality, promoting health, education and providing social cohesion.