This is a website that helps me reference correctly.


This is also a referencing website that I use to check that I have referenced my work correctly.


Discovery is a website that helps me find the exact books I am looking for whilst doing essays, I can also check whether my University library has that book in stock and there are some Ebooks on there too that I can access and download.

Google Scholar-

Google Scholar helps me find academic writing relevant to what I search for.

Google Docs-

Google docs is a way of doing class work and sharing information with the group so everyone in the class can access it, this helps me broaden my knowledge by learning through other people too.

Learning Space-

Learning space is my university student website, I can go here to find out everything I need to know regarding lectures, I can access my emails through learning space, I can sign up to courses and also see when my deadlines are.


I use youtube to watch demonstration videos for practical, if I am unsure on certain techniques within an activity or sport I use youtube to teach me.

Academic Paraphrase-

This website taught me how to paraphrase. The difference between quotation, paraphrasing and giving a summary.


Sport Development Ruff Guides-

Ruff guides provides me with journal articles that I can read and gain knowledge from to include in my essays or exams.

IT Training and Support-

This website helps give me tips on how to work the different academic programmes I need throughout university.