January 18

About me

My name is Zoe, I am 23 years old.

I am currently studying FDA: Early years and attend University most Friday’s.

Monday to Thursday 08.30-15.15 I work in a pre-school setting in St Judes Plymouth with children aged 2 to 4 year olds.

I also have a second job at a restaurant called Miller and Carter, where I work from 8 hours- 16 hours a week dependent on the shifts I am given.

On a Monday evening,  I am a leader at Girls’ Brigade a Christian youth organisation within St Judes Church, I am one of the leaders in the older girls group helping 10 to 18 year olds.

Due to realising I have no time for myself, I recently made up my mind to give myself every Friday evening off, this is an evening to see friends, go out with my partner, or just some relaxation time alone.

Welcome to my life!