I originally wanted to carry out my placement at a secondary school, where i could focus on shadowing school psychologists and/or student support workers. This has been ultimate ambition, I aim to work in an educational environment and would have thrived in the opportunity to get some experience doing so. A strength I can use within an educational environment is my ability to show empathy towards people who are struggling during school. I am great at communicating and listening, I am emotionally intelligent which would help me to enforce positivity where needed.

I contacted four schools via email and telephone, however, I was unsuccessful with getting a place due to their prior commitments and not being able to focus on my needs. I was disappointed and disheartened with this result which forced me to have to complete my placement another way. Although this has knocked my confidence, I am still passionate about making a positive impact on students education within secondary schools, and I will not let this get in my way.

Currently I am in contact with Hazel Bending, one of my lecturers, to arrange my placement. I am in communication with Hazel to set up my placement and organised the hours I will be completing and when. My next step is to arrange a face to face meeting with Hazel and Rosanna to plan a schedule of what activities I will be doing and also organise a timetable I can work from. This is my top priority.