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Lack of facilities in Physical Education

One ever-growing problem that persists in physical education in schools is the lack of facilities within schools. Facilities and equipment are essential in most sports or activities within physical education. Nowadays more and more schools have opted to take their pupils off site to perhaps a sports centre with better and more practical facilities. This would continue to be an issue for the schools as it would cost them more money to rent out the centre instead of just having the facilities on site.

Melia (2004) adds to this by saying that 75% of schools are not in a position to be delivering efficient physical education session because of their facilities. He also goes on to state that there are an increasing number of schools that call in other sports organisations to come into their school to deliver physical education to their students. This could also be because of the teachers not being competent to deliver physical education lessons to their pupils.

FIFA (2007) suggests that youths are more interested in pursuing sports than they are in education. This would mean that education is taking a back seat behind sport for the young people. They also go on to state that grass roots soccer incorporated within the school system can help solve this issue, this would be because it would keep youths within school with a purpose. Also for most schools if participants do not get good grades then they will not be able to take part for the sports team. This would be a good solution to this problem, however a lot of schools do not have the correct facilities to support a high level sports team. Without these facilities it would drive youths away from school and back to prioritising sports over education.

Canadian Lacrosse Association LTAD Work Group (2011) states that the best facilities are usually offered to elite teams and groups of older age groups. This means that poor facilities are offered to children and youth programs, this would include schools and sports halls. This means that the professional clubs and more elite level clubs would have all of the best facilities that are possibly available for them. This would have negative effect on other age groups because they would be left with all of the worse facilities and equipment. This would have a great negative impact on grass roots sports, young people would look up to their idols with the best facilities however a lot of the time their facilities are really poor.










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