About Me

In case you had not already seen, my name is Connor Everitt and I am training to be a sports therapist. My end goal really is to be working within a well regarded sports team and help them – and myself – to perform to the best of their abilities. I have always been hugely passionate about sports, primarily football. This is most likely the reason why I’m hoping my career path leads me towards a professional football club. I’m a huge Liverpool fan, and yes, we are finally champions of England again.

Alongside my passion for watching and playing football, I am hugely interested in Formula One as sport. The whole science and concept behind it is truly fascinating. The ultimate goal for myself would be to working alongside a team taking part in an F1 season. Gym work with body builders would also interest me as a career.



My first plan is obviously to gain as much knowledge in my first year studying at Marjon University and from there I will continue to develop my skills.

Eventually I will be looking towards finding myself placement locally that will benefit and enhance my skill set and help me along to way to my career destination so to speak.