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Welcome to Canvas help and support. This page contains guidance and support tutorials to help you with your Canvas courses. Please note that for all technical Canvas issues, you should contact the 24 hour Canvas support line or chat feature that can be accessed via the Help link in the Canvas Global menu.


Digital Innovation – Training Session Videos and Resources

Canvas - How to customise your course homepage

The Canvas – How to customise your course homepage

Follow steps in the video to:

 * Add your course title

 * Add a welcome message and brief overview of the course

 * Select a suitable banner image (86 available to choose from)

 * Change and relink your buttons (3 sets of buttons to choose from)

Canvas - Getting Started

The Canvas – Getting Started session covers:

 * Canvas course tour – including navigation menu

 * Customise your homepage

 * Start to build your 21/22 courses – including copying content from migrated 20/21 courses

 * Feedback activity

 *Using Pages for content


Canvas - Discussions

The Canvas – Discussion session covers:

 * What Canvas Discussions are

 * Discussions options

 * Ideas & examples

 * How to create Discussions


Canvas - Studio

The Canvas – Studio session covers:

 * Introduction to Studio

 * Create collection & upload media

 * Add annotations and captions

 * Record in Studio

 * View user insights for videos

Canvas Quiz 

How to set up extra time or attempts for online exams

When using a Canvas Quiz for online exams, you may need to setup extra time for students requiring additional time and/or rest breaks.  The steps below show you how to set this up.

View/download the guide: Canvas Quiz – How to setup extra time and/or attempts

Setting up additional time and/or attempts

Before you can do this, you will need to publish the quiz (exam)

Note: Although published, students won’t have access until the open date/time that has been set

  1. Publish the quiz (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Click on the quiz link to open it
  3. Then click Moderate this Quiz (top right)

You will see a list displaying enrolled students

  1. Locate the student you need to set additional time for
  2. Click the pencil icon at the end of the row

    screenshot showing student name and pencil icon

  3. Enter the extra time you want to allow – e.g. 20
    Note: You can also allow extra attempts here by entering a number in the box

    screenshot showing additional time and attempts settings

  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat the process to set up additional time/attempts for other students

Note: It’s important that the Quiz open/close times allow for any additional time you have set – e.g., the window of time is long enough or you have set different open/close dates/times for specific students. 

Watch the video 


How to set up different open/close dates/times

Students will have access to a quiz based on the open/close date/time that has been set, but in some cases the quiz will need to be open for a longer time than has been set, at a different time or on a different date.

A reason for this might be that you have set up extra time for students requiring additional time and/or rest breaks, and need  the exam to be open long enough to honour this – i.e., it doesn’t close before students have used their extra time.

To preserve the initial open/close date/time and not have to offer an extended window of time for all students, you can set different open/close dates/times for individual students.

View/download the guide: Canvas Quiz – setting different open- close dates and times

The guidance below takes you through the steps to do this:

  1. Click the quiz link to open it
  2. Click the edit button (top right)
  3. Scroll down to Assign to section

The default setting will display the open/close date/time set for everyone (e.g. all students enrolled on the module course)

screenshot showing quiz assign to settings

  1. Click Add
    screenshot image of Add button
  2. Then click in the Assign to box – a drop down list of all enrolled students will display
  3. Select student names from the list
    screenshot showing list of student names in the assign to box
  4. Enter the open/close date/times that you want the quiz to be available to the selected student(s) for.
    In the example below, the quiz is available on the same date as it is for everyone else, but for student 1 and student 3, it will open at 10.00 and close at 14.00
    screenshot showing names of two selected students and the different dates and times that have been selected
    1. Repeat steps 4 – 7 to set up different availability for any other students (if needed)
    2. Scroll down and click Save

Watch the video



How to override marks and grades

In self marking Canvas quiz’s, marks are awarded for responses that match the correct answer. This is accurate for most question types, but there may be occasions when you need to override the mark awarded – e.g., if students need to enter their response, spelling mistakes result in the answer being marked as incorrect.

This guidance below shows you how to override marks for individual questions and how to override the overall grade.

View/download Canvas Quiz – How to override marks and grades

How to override marks for individual questions  

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Go to your course
  3. Click the Quiz link to open it
  4. Click the 3-dot icon
  5. Click show student quiz results

scrrenshot - show student quiz results

  1. Select the student to see their quiz responses
    screenshot showing student names
  2. Locate the question that you want to override the mark for

    screenshot showing current mark

  3. Enter the mark to be awarded

    screenshot showing new mark entered

  4. Scroll down and click Update Scores

How to override the overall grade for a quiz attempt

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Go to your course
  3. Click Grades in the course navigation (on the left)
  4. Locate the student and click the current grade

    screenshot showing student 4 current mark

  5. Enter the grade you want to award here, then click anywhere out of the box

    screenshot showing new grade entered for student 4

  6. Or click the grade and then click the arrow icon

    screenshot showing arrow icon

  7. Enter the new grade, then click the X icon to close

    Screenshot showing grade entered into speedgrader grade box

  8. The new grade will be saved automatically

Other Useful Guides

How to add Discovery link to course navigation

It’s now possible to add a link to the Library Discovery system to your Canvas course navigation by using the redirect app.  If you think this will be useful for your students and would like to add it to your course, you can  download the guide or follow the  instructions below.

View/download the guide:  How to add a navigation link to Discovery

How to add the Discovery link to your course navigation menu

  1. Log into Canvas and go to the course that you want to add the link to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the course navigation menu and click Settings
  3. Click the Apps tab
  4. In the ‘filter by name’ box, enter redirect to display the redirect app
    screenshot of settings tabs
  5. Click on the redirect app icon and then click Add App
    redirect add app screenshot
  6. This will open a pop-up box for you to enter the redirect details as follows:

    Name – Discovery

    URL Redirect –

    Click to select the checkboxes as indicated in the screenshot below
    screenshot of redirect settings for discovery

  7. Click Add App

The Discovery link will now appear as the last link in the course navigation.

How to move the Discovery link to a different place in the navigation menu

If you want to move the link further up in the navigation menu:

  1. Click the navigation tab
    screenshot of settings tabs
  2. Left click the Discovery link and drag it up the list to the location that you want it to appear in
  3. Then scroll down and click Save

Watch the video

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