Friends & Family


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Friends & Family

Both to ensure we respect the privacy of all students and to comply with data protection law, please note that University staff cannot discuss matters relating to individual students with a third party, even where this third party is a close relative or friend without the consent of the student. This even extends to confirming the student status of an individual – in other words, in most circumstances, we cannot confirm to a third party whether a person is a current student or not.

We realise that this can sometimes be frustrating, but hope you appreciate the reasons for this. If you are a parent, family member or friend of a student, we may be able to contact the student and let them know that you have been in touch with us, or we may be able to help by providing you with some general information about supporting students or institutional procedures at the University.


However, there are occasional, exceptional circumstances in which it would be appropriate for us to waive the need to get consent before disclosing to a third party  for example in the event of a life threatening concern. Students are advised to check and update their personal contact details and a phone number for their next of kin or ICE (‘in case of emergency’) contact as soon after they arrive at University as possible for such purposes. They will be advised on how to do this at their introduction to IT @ Marjon session.

FAQs for Friends & Family

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If you have any additional queries please contact – although please note that we may be bound by data protection legislation. More information of which can be found on the tab above.