Reading & Note Taking


Reading is one of the essential activities of studying. This guide will suggest ways for you to improve your reading skills and to read in a more focused and selective manner.

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Academic Reading

These pages will cover information related to reading goals, choosing the right texts, how many sources you should read, active reading, reflective & critical reading.

Please visit the Academic Reading page to find out more.

How to Read a Journal Article

Journal articles can be challenging to read, but most contain many of the same components. Once you understand the structure of each article, understanding the content is much simpler.

To find out more about abstracts, literature review, methods, results & conclusion/discussion please visit the How to Read a Journal Article page.

Reading Effectively

Reading is central to success in higher education. Many of the problems students face with their academic work (including referencing, critical analysis and developing an academic style) stem from lack of appropriate reading.

To find out more about where to start, why you are reading, reading around your subject, reading for an assignment, talking notes & more, please visit the Reading Effectively page.

Note Taking

To find out more about note taking, how to take notes, why to take notes, key principles & more, please visit the Note Taking page.

Learning from Lectures

A lot of important information will be given to you in the form of lectures so you need to develop the skills to get the most out of your learning experience.

Find out about useful information related to before the lecture, during the lecture, after the lecture and web links by visiting the Learning from Lectures page.


Seminars are an important part of the learning process in higher education and offer a great opportunity to discuss and clarify issues that have come up in lectures or as a result of your reading etc.

Find out more about what seminars are, during the seminar, after the seminar, getting the most out of seminars & much more by visiting the Seminars page.