A day in the life of an Osteopathy Student

Student accommodation

7:00 am

I wake up at 7:00 am most mornings, my course starts at 9:00 am most days of the week. Except for Mondays, we have the day off! I’ll get up, make my bed right away (so I don’t fall back into it), open my blinds, and begin my day. Making your bed and opening the blinds in the morning is a great way to start your day off right and boost your productivity.

7:30 am

Once I’ve come around a little bit, I’ll have a quick shower and decide what Im going to put on for the day. Getting ready in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. When you feel good about yourself, you are more motivated to complete your tasks.
Because my course is very practical, I usually just wear gym clothes or something comfortable!

8:00 am
I’ll boil the kettle because my morning coffee is what makes me happy, and I’ll take it with me to get dressed. Then, usually, while I’m getting dressed I’ll put on some music as music is a really beneficial way to elevate your mood in the morning.

Breakfast with Gilmore Girls8:20
When I’m ready, I’ll make some breakfast, most likely porridge. This is the simplest thing I can make in the mornings, and I love it! Breakfast is the best meal of the day for me, and it is fantastic for increasing energy levels on days when I am tired.
While I eat my breakfast, I’ll have to continue my coffee and watch some Netflix (usually watch some Gilmore Girls).

8:40 am
I will get my laptop, pencil case, and books for university. Our course requires a lot of studying, so I’ll make sure I have everything I need for the day.
Once that’s done, I’ll be ready to leave the house to get to university by 9 am.

Osteopathy study

9 am-12 pm
I’ll get to university and go to my practical lesson. Our practical lessons are usually about 3 hours long, but this varies. We can also have more than one lecture a day but it’s super interesting!
On our course, we also have clinic hours three days a week. So we usually spend 4 hours a day seeing patients (with the help from our lectures in between)


1:00-2:00 pm
After our lectures, I’ll go to the University library to do some more research. If possible, I like to do this in a coffee shop because it motivates me to finish my work. After that, I will feel very productive.
During this time, I’ll either finish up some assignments, read some anatomy, or prepare for our upcoming patients!

2:00-3:00 pm
During this time, I’ll go shopping for lunch/dinner for the evening / the week.
Have some lunch and chill out for a while. Depending on my workload, I might go over some notes or watch some Netflix. It’s important to take breaks in-between studying and lectures as it refreshes your brain’s energy and your ability to focus!

5:00 pm
This is when I usually go to the gym to get ready for the 5:30 pm class. I usually meet friends here and use it to catch up with everyone. The gym is a great place to meet people and socialise for a couple of hours each day, which can help with motivation.

7:00 pm
I’ll come home from the gym, shower, prepare some food, and eat dinner.
Then, depending on my workload, I’ll either read some books or just relax; each day varies depending on how I feel.

Homemade hot chocolate9:00-10:00 pm
I always end my days in bed with a hot chocolate and a Netflix marathon. Because this is without a doubt the best way to truly relax after a long day. I’ll always make sure to get enough sleep because it’s critical when you’re super busy at university and helps me stay positive and ready for the next day!



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Authored by: Tegan Crowle, M.Ost Osteopathic Medicine Student & Social Media Champion

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