Future Placement Opportunities

For me our engaging in employment module in the second year of study is very important in my development on this course. This is because it’ll give me a greater understanding of the career pathway I would like to take. In this moment in time I’m split between two career paths; the first is to go down the sports science route and find myself employment within a professional club or organisation; however an alternative would be to go into primary education prior to the graduating my BSc degree. Therefore, in my placement module I’m going to look to gain employment within a primary school to see whether this would be a viable option for the future. Throughout the 100 hours I hope to see the positives and negatives of the job and weigh up whether I would enjoy it.

Primary education has always been a target for me, I really enjoy working with a younger target group as I feel like I can connect and inspire them more than other groups. At this point in there life they’re very impressionable and I’d love to think that I could become a role model in someone’s life and inspire them into a successful lifestyle. In the next year I would like to secure a placement within a primary school where I can really get a feel for the school environment and working day to day with this group.

However, if the opportunity doesn’t come about then I may secure a placement within a professional sports organisation. This placement would be ideal to gain more experience working with a range of different ages and skill levels in a professional and informative manner, this hopefully will increase my knowledge and understanding of the field, setting me up for future employment. I’d like to work within the community to engage and attract a range of people into sport, allowing everyone to have the equal opportunities. For me this is one of the main reasons I moved into this field.

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