February 4

How I am trying to manage my time.

What has happened today? well...

My list and notesย 

Since looking at your blogs I have noticed a key similarity to your orginistion skills or in my case lack of. So with the next essays due date approaching quickly, I have started using checklists. I have tried this before but I feel you should always try most things twice.ย  This is the week I am also house-sitting for my friend so I have an empty house and it makes a difference from the house I live in. The only thing I can hear is the washing machine washing away and silence! One of the cats is out and the other is curled up on a towel letting me be; its bliss.

I will have to keep you posted to work out if the checklists work for me but personally I believe the best advice is to up and leave and live alone for a few years! Only joking; just try experiences you have already tried as every day is a new one and so far, in this case, a list is brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 thoughts on “How I am trying to manage my time.

  1. 20098561

    I love a good to do list! I hope you find it useful and that it works for you this time.I like writing tasks down in order of priority and love crossing them out when I’ve achieved something – very satisfying! I’m looking forward to hearing how it works out for you and see if you become a convert!
    Having an empty house to study does indeed sound like bliss, make the most of it while you can ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 20096658

    oh I love a good list. even at work I have a todo list planning out what to do within the day.
    hope they are working well for you. enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts I need silence when working as my mind over thinks everything and I get easily distracted.

  3. Zoe (Post author)

    So as it stands the lists did not last long, I would say around a week and a half and it quickly faded out. As it’s not something I think about in the morning or even day time.

    I have begun to use a small list as an essay plan ticking off each thing as I go to ensure all points I want in the essay have been included.


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