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Marjon offers support and guidance on a range of study skills topics, to help you to reach your full potential whilst studying here. Support for Study Skills is available 24/7 through these pages; use the navigation bar above to browse the different areas. If you require specific advice or support please contact your Personal Development Tutors (PDT). If you are unsure of who your PDT is, please contact the Information Hub on


This is only a general guide to writing dissertations – you should refer to the useful pages on writing Major Assessment Tasks on this website and to your course/module guides for specific information relating to your course.

Your department’s policy must take priority over anything contained in this guide.

The majority of this guide deals with the structure of dissertations that are based on primary research, following a ‘social science’ model. There are, however, other types of dissertation where the structure outlined here would be inappropriate.

If you are unsure or unclear about anything check with your dissertation supervisor.

To find out more about writing a dissertation, please visit the Dissertations page.

Essay Writing

An essay can take many forms and require different facets, depending on which subject or discipline you are studying. The Essay Writing pages contain useful information related to essay structure, essay writing style and essay questions.

To explore more information and support related to this, please visit the Essay Writing page.

Exams & Doing Research

These pages contain useful information about research, exams and revision, Google search tips and more. Please visit the Exams & Doing Research page to find out more.

Plagiarism & Critical Thinking

Here, you will find helpful information about critical thinking and important considerations relating to plagiarism and referencing.

Please visit the Plagiarism & Critical Thinking page to find out more.

Reading & Note Taking

Reading is one of the essential activities of studying. This guide will suggest ways for you to improve your reading skills and to read in a more focused and selective manner.

Please visit the Reading & Note Taking page to find out more.


The referencing section of the Student Handbook will take you through how to reference at Marjon, what referencing is, why you should use it and how referencing affects your grades.  There is also information about APA (American Psychological Association style of referencing) and where you can get more support with regard to referencing.

Please visit the Referencing at Marjon page to find out more.

Writing Academically

Please be aware that this is very generic guidance only, and that specific programmes may offer different guidance on what is expected from writing in an academic style. Always ask your Tutor for guidance if you are unsure.

Please visit the Writing Academically page to find out more, including: How to write in an academic style, punctuation guide, paraphrasing & more.