External Placement Exmoor Osteopathy Clinic Thursday 7th November 2019 – 4hours (09:00-13:00): 92 total

Running total of hours: 92

Throughout this session I had plenty of opportunity to practice my soft tissue massage and mobilisation techniques. This was one of my goals when embarking in this external placement as I feel as though I am clumsy and unable to provide a flowing treatment in certain areas.
I feel confident at back soft tissue massage and posteroanterior mobilisations when the patient is lying prone, however I do not feel as comfortable performing shoulder mobilisations combined with soft tissue treatments as demonstrated by Katarina. I have researched into the different methods of soft tissue therapy, as differentiating between the techniques and understanding each movement will help me to understand the reasons behind them and exactly how it effects the physiology of the surrounding soft tissue. Understanding anatomy and movements are paramount for the understanding of joint function and biomechanics.
I am aware that I do not possess quite enough strength in my upper body to perform some handling movements and can perhaps aim to increase this over time and with continued practice in the clinic, however I am also aware that if I am using the correct movements and technique, then I should not have to apply as much effort and for it to be so labour intensive.

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