The Great British Bake Off says goodbye to tradition

The Great British Bake Off will be set outside of the famous white tent in the final on Tuesday.

The remaining contenstants, Kim-Joy, Rahul and Ruby will have to bake using a different approach, as they will not have the usual kitchen equipment they have been used to in past episodes.

This is the first time in the programmes 8 year history for contestants to bake outside of the tent before leaving the competition entirely.

Channel 4 have saw the show through two seasons after taking it out of the hands of the BBC. This has not affected ratings too harshly, with each episode so far having an audience of over eight million viewers.

The network have not given too much away regarding the details of this years finale, only telling fans that the well anticipated technical challenge will be “deceptively simple”.

Competitors will be asked to make their own doughnuts as their last ever Bake Off task, which will be of high importance.

Each finalist has won the title of star baker twice, making it fair to say this will be a close call as to who gets the crown.

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