Award winning show Rupaul’s Drag Race is climbing up the ladder as more support is gained for the LGBT Community

The show Rupaul’s Drag race is becoming more popular than ever, with big name drag queens coming under the limelight in more support for the LGBT community.

“Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!”

And with six Emmy wins under their belt, and an ever-growing fan base, the unique stand-out reality show Rupaul’s Drag race came to our screens in 2009 gearing up drag queens to express their uniqueness, nerve and talent to prove to the world that drag queens can truly become a star when it comes to the arts and entertainment.

But why has the show become so big over the years? And what does this mean for the LGBT community? The show has contributed massively to the community by its acceptance from audiences and big guest names that star on the show, but most importantly it allows individuals to express themselves with their inner creativity and talent for a show-stopping performance.

The creator of the show and one of the most famous drag queens on the planet Rupaul, wanted to make others dreams come true and become accepted in the world no matter how you look and what you do.

And as a personal fan myself, I believe that the show has truly showcased some emotional moments that can affect many audiences watching, due to the types of issues that have been aired. Drag race has featured traumas in people’s lives such as abuse, family acceptance, and drag queens opening up about suffering with HIV in their lives and how it has affected them as a whole.

This year’s winner Aquaria is amongst other drag queens that have proved to us that drag is more than just a man dressed up as a woman. Most outfits are created by hand on the show, and lots of drag queens such as Aquaria herself are inspired by famous fashion designers that brings a whole new level of creativity into the show.

Rupaul’s drag Race All Stars 4 returns to VH1 on December the 14th, and it has also been confirmed today that Rupaul’s Drag Race will be hosting a UK version next year to be broadcasted on BBC Three “leaving us gagging!”

“Bring back our girls!”

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