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Plymouth bus driver suffers stroke at the wheel

Former Citybus employee, Dave Deeley, has told his story about when he experienced a stroke whilst completing his usual bus route and yet, still continued to drive passengers.

 The 56-year-old said it was a miracle that he didn’t crash and injure anyone.

Dave commented that he wasn’t aware of how serious his condition was, and thought he just needed to take a break. He stopped at the Theatre Royal to use the bathroom to clear his head.

Theatre staff members came to check on him before he went back to the bus, to make his way to the Citybus depot in Milehouse to refuel.

Citybus officials decided to breathalyse him as they had received some complaints that he may have been drinking.

He passed the test. However, he was still worried as he was struggling to think straight or talk.

Nonetheless, he was it was agreed he could continue his journey.

Dave said as he drove back through town before taking 25 passengers to Liskeard.

It wasn’t until everyone was dropped off that he collapsed and was rushed to Derriford Hospital, where doctors confirmed he had suffered a stroke.

Amazingly, he managed to complete his journey with no accidents and is now recovering at home.


To find out what Dave Deeley had to say about the incident, check out Plymouth Live


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