(Amster)-DAM I need a budget break

In your twenties, running up big student debts, too many shifts, deadlines are looming and a quick, getaway trip to de-stress and re-fuel is needed. So how is it possible? It’s easy. Choose wisely where you go and be careful with your pennies. Make handfuls of memories whilst studying; eat, drink and explore the cityscape. Let’s go to Amsterdam, and here’s how to on a budget.


Flights are the most important factor to your budget trip, with prices varying by the minute you can’t be an amateur at booking these. Feeling organised? Remember to book fifteen weeks before you plan to fly if you can, this allows you to save up to 30% on the average price. If you pick a good day, you may be able to snatch a return flight to Amsterdam for £60.



Accommodation is second on the priority list, with travel companies such as Airbnb and Booking.com giving hundreds of options to choose from. But how do you know which to trust? One tip… REVIEWS! For an affordable, centrally located and unique sleeping experience; Ecomama is the joyful, green conscious and creative hotel in the heart of the city. With the cosiness of a community, dorm and private rooms giving the opportunity for all kinds of stays and all kinds of price limits. “Connect, share, dream”.



What to do is next on the agenda, with plenty to see, do and spend your money on in Amsterdam. But choose wisely, spend only what you need and definitely make the most out of the free excursions and sites. Recommendations include venturing over to the Jordaan area on the Western Canal Ring, delving into history at the Anne Frank house and of course taking a stroll through Amsterdam’s most famous Red Light District.


Finding reasonably priced yet delicious and of course, instagramable dishes can sometimes be a struggle when exploring a foreign city. Amsterdam has great pubs and bars, however convenient eateries can sometimes be that bit more difficult to seek out, especially when watching your pennies. Grab yourself a pocket guide by Lonely Planet and keep this close to hand when searching.


And how to get around? Walk of course. Amsterdam has plenty of transport options; travel by train, tram, boat or scooter. But why spend your limited money on this when you can walk, skip or cycle with much better sites? Bicycles can be found to rent in every street, corner and most probably canal in the city. For as little as 12 euro a day you can cycle with the locals… and it’s much more amusing than you would have ever imagined.

All photos by Ellen Howe.

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