Why It’s Important To Think About Nature This Winter

We are always surrounded by wildlife but sometimes it is so easy to forget that it is there. However, we should recognise that it is important to always remember and care for them, especially during the cold winters that our country endures.

Birds are particularly important and a clear focus point to this article. There is the question there of “why should we feed them?” or “why should we feed these birds when they have survived and been around so much longer than us?”. Both are clear and understandable questions, but the problem in hand is not that the birds are unable to survive on their own, the situation created  is that us humans have limited the natural wildlife areas. This is done as we progress, improve and develop more infrastructure to create new shopping malls, housing estates and roads. Because of this, we have restricted and limited the capacity for these animals to forage and fend for themselves. Which is why, in my personal belief, it is good to give something back and assist our ‘feathered friends’.

The bird population is declining due to the harsh climate changes so in order to preserve these animals there are many things that we can do. Commonly, we see these birds hopping along from tree to tree collecting small insects to digest. It is beneficial, therefore, from our part to ensure that we give these birds enough protein, carbohydrates and fats. Just like us, birds needs food and shelter, so a bird bath would be essential.

Even just hanging out some fat balls still gives these animals a chance to have some food and nutrition during the coldest of weathers. It is just a little ‘food for thought’ to take into account a different perspective that we may not think about everyday.

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on “Why It’s Important To Think About Nature This Winter
One Comment on “Why It’s Important To Think About Nature This Winter

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