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With Halloween only days away, I thought that it would be a good time for a special installment of musical of the week, celebrating suitably spooky songs from a number of different musicals. If you wanted to slip some show tunes into the playlist at a Halloween party or just fancied something different to listen too, maybe some of these songs will be to your liking. From The Rocky Horror Show to Disney, spooky songs can be found just about anywhere, if you’re brave enough to look.

So here’s my top ten Halloween musical theatre songs!

10. Giants In The Sky – Into The Woods

Okay, this might not sound that creepy, but think about it. A weird and magical land where there’s a whole other kingdom even out of view in the clouds, full of giants, sometimes very angry, very violent giants. It may not be spooky, but it is suitably weird, but I guess that you could say that for a lot of Into The Woods.

9. Friends On The Other Side – The Princess And The Frog

As is the norm in Disney movies, the villain always gets a good song, and the same rule applies to Doctor Facilier in The Princess And The Frog. Friends On The Other Side is his big moment, where we see him using all of his mystical powers in their full glory. Ghouls, skulls and spirits fill this number to the rafters as we see the very creepy much darker side of a palm reader, a true glimpse into what he is capable of. 

8. Transylvania Mania – Young Frankenstein

With the name of a famous scary story in the title, you would expect Young Frankenstein would have a number of songs suitable for a Halloween party and you would be right to think that. You could pick out ‘The Brain’ or ‘It Could Work’ but if you want a song with a spooky theme that could also make you want to dance, you can’t go with Transylvania Mania. An elaborate dance made up on the spot to distract the villagers from the noise of the monster waking up, you can’ t help but love this one.

7 . There’s A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place) – The Rocky Horror Show

Let’s face it, The Rocky Horror Show is the perfect show for Halloween. Stereotypes of horror and science fiction smash together in this madcap explosion of colour and sequins. There’s A Light is the moment in which we see the castle for the first time, and the demons that occupy it. Brad and Janet really don’t know what they are letting themselves in for as they approach the castle full of hope.

6. No Good Deed – Wicked

Witches have been associated with Halloween for countless years, so it’s not really a surprise that Wicked is a favourite of many for the spooky season. No Good Deed is a powerful song, where we see Elphaba attempting to use her powers to save those who she loves, all whilst her truly evil side is fighting to come out.

5. Little Shop of Horrors – Little Shop Of Horrors

The clues is in the title really, a horror for Halloween. This number is not only spooky but also wickedly catchy. I’ll admit that I haven’t actually seen this one, I’m sure that I will round to it one day but considering the profession of one of the characters, it probably won’t do anything good for my lifelong hatred of Dentists.

4. When You’re An Addams – The Addams Family

Alright, this is another I haven’t seen, I’ve never seen the film or tv shows either. But nevertheless, the Addam’s family just loves Halloween and Halloween loves them. This catchy number is good fun and perfect for a spooky showtunes play list.

3. The Time Warp The Rocky Horror Show

This is a Halloween special of Musical of the week, so there is no way that I could only mention The Rocky Horror Show once. The Time Warp is the perhaps the most famous song from this cult classic and is one that always gets the audience up on their feet. Whilst the song might not actually make that much sense, it’s still kind of creepy with the ghouls and demons enjoying a dance whilst Brad and Janet don’t know what hit them.

2. This is Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Halloween movie? Is is a Christmas movie? No one really knows for sure but that doesn’t change the fact that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favourite of many. This opening number is suitably creepy as we are bombarded with horror after terror, all the things that can be scary and their celebration of the Pumpkin king.

1. The Whole Being Dead Thing – Beetlejuice

Okay, confession time. I haven’t seen Beetlejuice, in musical or film form. I haven’t even got round to listening to the whole album yet but I absolutely love ‘The Whole Being Dead Thing’. It’s funny, spooky and incredibly catchy. Whilst it might not have the happiest of messages, basically telling us that we are all doomed, you still can’t help but smile when you hear it. It’s perfect for a Halloween party, or for a playlist.

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