Sandy or Matt?

When the news broke that C4 had managed to navigate their way around Covid 19 regulations to bring us a new series of Bake Off, our first thought was how could they possibly replace Sandy Toksvig? 

The relationship between Sandy and Noel worked perfectly, with their jocular and slightly off the wall style of banter adding to the show’s charm and ensuring its position as one of the most popular baking shows in British television’s history.  

So, we wonderedhow on earth was Matt Lucas going to step into Sandy’s pixie sized shoes and fill the massive void that she would surely leave behind? 

But our qualms soon disappeared as the opening scene of the first episode in series 11 proved, beyond doubt, that Matt Lucas was the right person for the job. His mock Boris speech urging us to stay alert, protect cake and save loaves and to use your common sense with regards to the use of hundreds and thousands!” fitted in perfectly with original essence of the show, and appropriately with the ongoing, relentless and often confusing, government guidance we have been bombarded with this year. 

Since week 1 the jokes and often bizarre banter have continued, and the rapport has grown steadily between Matt and Noel, making the transition appear seamless. Sandy who??! 

On your marks, get ready, Bake..!! 

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