Europe riots: Anti-lockdown protests spread across the continent

Violent riots have erupted across several European nations in the past few days, amid stricter Coronavirus lockdown measures in Europe.   

Following Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte setting curfews in several major cities across the nation, Italy has witnessed the most turmoil and aggression towards the police, resulting in outbreaks of violence in Rome, NapoliTurin, and Palermo. The government believes the Sicilian Mafia has played a role in the recent events, due to the impact the national lockdown had in the Spring on the mob’s drug trade. 

According to Italian authorities, The Italian Mafia organised several demonstrations that resulted in serious attacks on police.  

France, Spain, and Germany have also increased their Covid-19 restrictions, resulting in more disruption in the streets. During the day restaurants and business owners protest peacefully, many of them in the streets of Paris refused to close. However, by night the protests turned into mayhem, with the public and the police clashing heavily across the French capital.  

With the latest announcement from Boris Johnson yesterday, introducing a month-long national lockdown coming into effect on Thursday and ending on December the 2nd (under review), questions have been raised over whether the UK will see similar unrest in the coming days. 

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