OPINION: Trump’s presidential denial

Donald Trump is a man consumed by wealth, power, and lust for winning. But what happens when that winning streak comes to an end, when the ego of the world’s most egotistical leader is dented. We are bearing witness to the downfall of a US President almost in slow-motion. His constant denial of failure and defeat results in the same response from his dedicated supporters. That the election is rigged, it’s all ‘fake news’ and, Joe Biden can’t win this presidency.

Leading up to the 2020 election I wasn’t dead against some of Trump’s policies or approach to foreign affairs, for example, he dealt with China, in a fashion that some may call reckless but at least he stood up to the tyranny of communist China. However, now I just see a man engulfed in the fear of losing, to the extent that he’s willing to throw anyone and anything under the bus in order to clinch onto the last remaining hopes of power he still has.

While watching the President’s rally in Valdosta, Georgia yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance his speech had to those leading up to the election. He still spoke with the tone of victory and continued his rhetoric of left-wing bashing, US patriotism and anti-establishment agenda. I can’t help but admire his resilience but at the same time, it’s pure delusion and denial of the truth. The man has lost, whether there’s been some tiny cases of election fraud or not. The country voted against Trump. Even if you’re the last person to want a Democrat running the United States, you must acknowledge defeat and accept the democratic vote of the electorate.

At one point he came close to admitting he lost when he said: “They say that if you win Florida and if you win Ohio, in history you’ve never lost an election. This has got to be a first time.” However, he quickly switched back into ‘Trump mode’ by adding: “But truth is they were right, we’ve never lost an election. We’re winning this election.”

In the UK we’ve been enjoying the likes of the Bake Off and I’m a Celebrity to pass the time during Covid, but for our transatlantic cousins their blessed with the never ending, hit number one reality show, US politics at its best. Who knows how long this circus will stay in town for?

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