James Cleverly – The Potential of a Smooth Brexit


Cleverly has claimed that a “deal can still be done” between Britain and the EU.  

Brexit has been a major story in UK news since the referendum in June 2016. Surrounding Brexit there has been a lot of uncertainty, especially around trade deals with both the EU and external countries such as America. 

Despite any negative relations, Cleverly has suggested that there could be a deal reached that “works in the UK national interest, that also works for the EU”. Being a relatively economically stable country, pre-Brexit, we were a powerful country that aided many within the EU, from housing refugees to economic aid.  

These negotiations are sure to go to “the last day” as they “often” do, this could put Britain in a worse position as we will be sure to try and get a deal to maintain a reliable source of trade.  The debate around a ‘no-deal’ had lasted a great amount of time, and it “would’ve been great to get this nailed down sooner” claims Cleverly. 

To conclude his statement, the Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa ultimately it’s not the biggest surprise in the world that its going right to the last minute”, showing the longevity of the issue and how complex it is to come to a resolution that suits all parties. 

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