When Harry met Meg and Piers joined the party

I rarely ever comment on things like this ongoing story, which feels like it’s never going to end, but as it seems everyone is voicing their own views on the matter, it’s hard not to be forming some kind of opinion of your own.

I was so disinterested on the actual day that Haz and Meg married I took myself out for a lovely, and deserted, beach walk with the dog. Ahh bliss…

But by now, royalist or not, I doubt that there is anyone who hasn’t either seen the entire Harry and Meghan interview, or inadvertantly caught several clips taken from it over the past few days and weeks. Does Meghan (or Rachel as is her real name) really look sad in any way? I find it hard to believe that if someone was so distraught and had ‘suffered’ so much at the hands of another person/persons, they’d be able to speak about such an emotional and traumatic experience in a completely calm and unruffled manner, in the way Megan spoke. Was she giving her best acting performance to date? (I wouldn’t know, never having seen her act).

But one thing I do know, is that with the current state of the world, and more specifically the country which both Meghan and Harry (when he could get a word in), were aiming their vitriol at, has just suffered the worst year in history for so many tragic reasons that, to me, they have catastrophically shot themselves in the foot by giving this interview at this moment in time.

Surely noone will feel sorry for them now, having endured their former pampered and paid for existence, and now living in $14.65 miillion Californian mansion (possibly paid for by money bequeathed to him by Princess Diana – Harry’s mum). While Harry’s grandfather is lying in a hospital bed, and speculation is rife that he won’t make it out alive. This is the Queen’s partner for more than 70 years. Does she really need this kind of debacle happening right now?

During the last year millions of ordinary and famous people have died from Covid – 2.6 million worldwide, with 125k of those cases from the United Kingdom. How many people have lost their jobs? How many people are on furlough, being paid 20% less than their full wage and are still trying to struggle on regardless? How many people are now suffering, and will continue to suffer from the severe and debilitating symptoms of long-covid? How many families have been home-schooling their children in tiny high rise tower block flats? I could go on, but we can all safely assume that by this point we all know someone who has been adversely affected by Covid.

So, all I can say is “How dare they ask for sympathy now?” What spectacularly bad timing. I cannot see that this privileged couple will find any kind of resolution and I simply cannot understand what they were hoping to achieve by making these claims now. And love him or hate him I’m with Piers on this one!





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