The beautiful game, the FA cup and the Super League that tried to ruin it all

The FA cup really restores the love for football for many with its joy and hope it brings back to the sport once a season. The FA cup gives everyone a chance from the bottom right to the top shown most recently in a game where (sixth tier of English football) Kidderminster Harriers beat Reading (second tier of English football) 2-1 the shock result shows how any team on their day can do something special regardless of how much money or how many fans the club has. The result shows that football is not yet corrupt enough to stop special competitions like the FA cup from producing unpredictable and historic games, money after all cannot buy determination or heart.

An older example of how the competition showed the real definition of “The beautiful game” is when Tottenham Hotspur who at the time were a non-league club won the competition in 1901 a prime example of the magic of the FA cup and how much hope it brings to fans and players.

In Recent years it seems a dark cloud of money and greed has overshadowed football it has become even more commercially driven and the hierarchy has put money as its highest priority, this became extremely evident in the failed creation of the super league that caused outrage and protest across the whole football community not only in England but across the world. The super league was a league that tried to put arguably the best teams in football all in one “super league” which in affect would commercialise football to a whole new level, this would mean leaving the established football pyramid that exists in all leagues across the globe in disarray as you could not be promoted or relegated from the super league so how would lower ranked teams progress to it, to put it simply all the teams in this super league would keep the largest portion of money in football to themselves.

The reason that the super league never took flight is down to the fact that fans around the world knew that it was a money hungry, selfish, outrageous thing to do. The proposal of ruining the football triangle that took so long to become what it is today caused mass rage, the triangle produces employment opportunity off and on the pitch for so many and to have this altered by a few rich clubs that wanted even more money was just not accepted.  The proposal of the league caused physical protests from fans everywhere including Manchester United fans, Liverpool fans,Juventus fans and most other fans that’s teams were involved in the league.

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