Another exciting Wednesday with plenty of thrilling games to be won. Plymouth Marjon aim to go undefeated this week as they take on opposing BUCS teams, most that take place at Marjon’s home ground.

To start off the day at 13:00pm, we have the men’s Volleyball vs Solent 1’s and the women’s football against Southampton 1’s. Two very big games for both sports, however, is looking to be promising for Marjon.

Plymouth Marjon football player, Amelia O’Connell says “I think it’ll be a tough game tomorrow. After a tough start of the season, it’ll be a test for us girls out there however, if we play how we did last week, we should definitely come out with the win.”

Striker, Aimee Kilpatrick said she is “Ready,” for the game tomorrow and cannot wait to get stuck in.


Moving on to 14:00, we have the men’s Badminton 1’s vs Solent and men’s Rugby against Exeter. It’ll be a tough battle for the badminton boys as Solent are known to be a tough team to beat however, with how the Marjon boys have been playing, it should be a very close game.

Badminton expert Freya Bonell says, “I believe we are the better team.”


At 14:30, the Netball team battle against Southampton at their home ground. It is known to be a very close game and is a 50/50 chance of success for Marjon.

Netball player, Ella Whitaker says it’s, “Going to be the closest game yet and they will put up a hard challenge for us girls.”


Later in the afternoon at 15:30, the Men’s Basketball 2nd team take on Bath Spa. This game will be a good one and worth attending to. Marjon beat Bath away last time they met but only just.

Bath has one player that will really test the Marjon boys if they are strong enough as a team to beat Bath yet again.

The starting forward, Clarke Green says that he will do “Everything he can to beat Bath again” and said, “We must beat them”. Clarke is very dedicated to the sport and is willing to come out with the win tomorrow.

The Men’s 2nd team in Football take on Southampton tomorrow at 15:30 at home. What a game that will be with Southampton being a great matchup for the boys at Marjon. Plymouth are looking to be the favourites in this game, however, never underestimate an underdogs mentality.

Overall, a packed day at Marjon this Wednesday and what great fun it’ll be!

Results to come on the Marjon’s sporting Instagram soon, make sure to keep updated…


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