Theatre review : Delicate

We are all one, and we all have this in common: we are all delicate. Our delicacy, pain and growth unites us, and we share it not only with each other but with our most precious possession, planet earth. Extraordinary Bodies portray this relationship beautifully and effortlessly with their production of Delicate. They show how we all change and grow, how we can find beauty in our imperfections, and how we can all collaborate and help each other as well as help save our planet.

Performed by Extraordinary Bodies and co-produced with Figurteatret i Nordland (Nordland Visual Theatre) and Theatre Royal Plymouth, Delicate tells the story of 4 people; vastly different from each other, yet all struggling with their own changes, pain, and new realities which they grow to find beautiful with each other’s support. It also discusses the climate crisis, and how we can all work together to help ourselves, as well as help our planet. The actors work in perfect equilibrium, both physically and emotionally, to learn from each other, which in turn means we learn as the audience.

The close-knit cast are clearly passionate about the performances messages, and portray them with elegance and devotion. Every member of the audience can connect with at least one element of one of the characters’ personality, background or journal. This creates an even more influential, and enjoyable performance.

Within the performance, audio clips and projections mirror the pain and growth of the characters, as well as mirroring the overall message of how similar our own lives are to that of our planets life. The messages of climate activism and learning to work together are clear themes throughout the performance, as well as the idea that we are delicate and so is our planet. If we work together to create equilibrium within ourselves, we can help each other and our planet. Extraordinary bodies portrayal of equilibrium and learning to work together is true artistry and captivates the audience threw physical theatre. The imagery of growth shown through the characters development, audio, and visual representations of growth as well as the gradual physical growth of the set is ingenious. The overall staging is hugely creative and unique.

The performance as a whole gives inspiration to work on oneself and work together to help save our planet. It is a thought provoking, modern, and vibrant performance that I would personally urge everyone to watch.

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