About me

This page can be used to highlight who you are and your interests, or your studies.  It could talk about your ambitions and achievements.

Be mindful that depending on your blog’s privacy settings that your blog may be available to view on the web.  If you want your blog to be private, just go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Reading’ – you can then ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ and also set the permissions to ‘Only registered users of this site can have access – anyone found under Users > All Users can have access.’ this will mean that only users that you can added to your blog would be able to see it.  You may wish to set the highest level of privacy, which is to assign a password to protect the page from viewing.  This means that only those users that you supply a password for, would be able to view your blog.

As part of your module, your lecturer may ask you to join a class and in this case your blog will be set to the privacy permissions assigned by your lecturer.  If you have any concerns about privacy, please contact your lecturer and they will liaise with the eLearning team.