Food, Health and Wellbeing

Every day, you’re helping to make sure food doesn’t go to waste – by making sure it reaches the people who need it most. By doing this, it improves people’s health and wellbeing and it helps the planet too. 😊 

Food plays a huge part in our health and wellbeing. Having food to eat helps keep us well and sustains us. And knowing that we are working or volunteering in a project which helps others, helps our own well being too.   

Sharing food with others is also a huge step in reducing the amount of food which gets wasted. Take a look below for extra hints and tips on what else we can do to help improve the health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers and to reduce food waste in our work places and our homes.

Food and health  

  • Find out about the different dietary requirements for different cultures and religions here
  • Download posters which show how different age groups can eat well here
  • Listen to Fran Taylor, the Brighton Nutritionist, speak about how to eat well here
  • Listen to An Lebacq from Gezond Leven (Belgium) speak about food inequity and the importance of food for good health here
  • Listen to Chris Clyburn, from the full crumb kitchen, speak about helping people to eat well here
  • Read about Panier De La Mer (France) bringing people together through cooking workshops here
  • See the Real Junk Food Project (Brighton) in action feeding people from food that would be wasted here
  • Share a leaflet on how to eat well on a budget here


  • Get a set of cards you can use to support your team’s wellbeing here
  • Download a poster which describes what wellbeing is here
  • Hear from Panier De La Mer (France) on how they help develop employees social skills here

Reducing food waste 

  • Find out about the different ways you can preserve food here
  • Download our workers’ pocket guide to see how long food lasts here
  • Download our top tips on how to reduce food waste here
  • Read some recipes to use up leftovers here