Food Hygiene and Safety

When working with surplus food, we always need to think about food hygiene safety. This is so that the people we are giving the food to have a safe and tasty product and to ensure that our organisation meet its legal requirements. 

Here you can find lots of tips and information to help you with this:

Tips for coaches/staff when training staff/volunteers on food safety

To meet food safety standards it is important that all staff follow all the food safety rules. Sometimes staff and volunteers may not know the rules or may forget them. Here is a range of materials that you can use to work on food safety with your employees/volunteers. You will find videos, posters & infographics, background information and inspiration for short learning moments on the work floor. 

  • The 4 key areas to food safety
    • Find out about the 4 key areas to food safety here
  • Teaching materials on food safety
    • Watch and use these videos to share what employees really need to know about food safety here
    • Download and print a set of Infographics on food safety here
    • Use these learning moments on food safety to create more awareness among your team here
  • Examples from others
    • Download a guide to respecting the cold chain and traceability here
    • Get inspired by some interactive exercises on food safety from Web Vzw, a food distribution centre in Belgium here
    • Watch a video on how to motivate staff to apply food safety rules here
    • Read what work floor supervisors say about how to strengthen your employees’ desire to learn here

Tips for organisations on food safety

Here you can find out more about food safety regulations for food distribution organisations in the UK.

    • Hear from a food safety advisor 
      • Listen to Wayne Blything, UK Food Safety Advisor, share his tips here
    • Find out more details about food safety regulations
      • Find out where to get more information on food safety regulations here
    • Questions on food safety
      • Read some frequently asked questions on food safety here