International Womens Day – 8th March

I was so happy to be involved in this special day as all women in my life mean so much to me. I went along with my course mate Beth as volunteers to help out  at this convention. It was located in the Exeter at the fire station. Our roles for the day were to show people around and checked people into to the talks. We were also able to sit in on talks as well. It was a very inspirational day and I felt I learnt a lot in empowering women and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I plucked up the courage to go and ask one of the ladies who gave a speech about her life. She had joined the police force in her early twenties and made it all the way up the chain as chief inspector. She was a very passionate lady and very inspiring to talk to. Women like her give me self belief that I can as a women become high up in the services if I put my mind to it. We are very much living in a world now that women are being seen as more of an equal to men and I love that.

Gender inequality is a long list of statistics showing the imbalance of power between men and women. In real terms, gender inequality is a major problem on local, national and global levels. Not only does it affect the lives of individual men and women, but the inequality between genders also stunts economic growth and hinders development.

Gender equality benefits everyone, it has been nominated as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) number five. As an organization working toward brighter futures for all individuals, GVI is committed to tackling discrimination and meeting the end goal of gender equality (Petrina Darrah,, 2019)


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