These students got the inside track on careers with Marjon Futures

careers advisor listening to studentThe turn of events in the last few weeks has had a huge effect on the way we work as a university. From a final year perspective, the stress of dissertations and other deadlines is front of mind, perhaps more so than getting a job in this unprecedented period.

Did you know the Futures team, the careers service, are still up and running despite the remote working conditions? Whether that is yes or no, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to remind students what the service can offer, from the words of our very own and recent alumni.

No matter what course or year group you are in, the Futures team are on hand to provide advice on anything job related, and their service can benefit many students in obtaining not just careers, but part time work to keep you going while you search for a dream job. It can take the stress away of what is a last thought for our university’s cohort, because after all, we all still need to find our careers.

Try and answer this question:

Where is there a better place to understand the true benefits of Futures than from those who have used the service? Well, there isn’t.

If you don’t know much about what its staff can offer, some of Marjon’s then and now have come forward to voice what the Futures team have done for them when it comes to employability.

Bea Grigalionyte – 3rd year Sport Development student

Bea is working towards a career in sport marketing and primarily used the Futures service to build her CV but has been in touch with the department since her first year at Marjon.

She said: “At the beginning of my course I was desperately looking for a part time job. Unfortunately, due to my shy personality I was unsuccessful in many interviews.

Philippa in the Futures team has helped me to understand my personality and work on weaknesses that have now become strengths. Every meeting has filled me with laughter and motivation, which has impacted not just my career prospects, but my personal life too.

The Futures team have the power to contact more influential companies that may not reply to generic emails, which can be so important for second year students working towards their work experience modules.

Having a member of the Futures team by my side throughout my three years at university has made me feel confident and secured about my career choices. Having someone to talk to has really reduced the stress and pressure on job searching.

The Futures team help students grow and develop the professionalism and strong character in their personalities, as well as shape the career pathway students have been dreaming of.”

Maddy Hopson – Sport Development graduate

Maddy graduated from Marjon recently. Futures helped her gain some volunteer work with Improving Lives Plymouth, an initiative that support community health and wellbeing.

She added: “I first made contact with the Futures team in my second year, one of my modules was placement and I knew where I wanted to do it. Unfortunately, a few months down the line it wasn’t working out, Philippa helped me change my placement and was amazing at showing me how to change all the information online.

In my final year I had to do another placement as part of the disability in sport module. I was talked through the different disability sporting organisations that the Futures team had contact with and I chose Improving Lives Plymouth. A year and two months later, I am still volunteering for them.

Even since finishing my degree, Philippa has read through job applications and my CV, as well as meetings about what sort of job I would like to go in to.

Without the Futures team I would have struggled with finding organisations to network with and I’m not sure what my job applications and CV would look like. I am really grateful for the support.”

Alice Young – Sport Development graduate

Alice graduated in 2019 and now works with Plymouth Argyle Community Trust. The Futures team were on hand to help her build her CV, personal statement and also provide interview advice.

Alice said: “Futures were great support for me in my final year of university, both professionally and personally.

The team helped me improve my CV, personal statement, job searches, applications and interview tips, as well as showing me how to set up a LinkedIn profile. This all contributed to supporting my building confidence and self-esteem in the beginning stage of life after uni.

The 1:1 meetings were really useful and even if I couldn’t make one, a member of the Futures team would send the feedback through emails.

The support is ongoing; you can tell how invested the team are in every student and they take interest in the career path they have taken. It was especially nice to see the Futures team at graduation and talk about what I’ve accomplished so far.

I wish I knew about the Marjon Futures sooner and I would have made more use of them before my final year at university. If I could give any advice to current students or alumni on the job hunt, it is to make use of this service.

Whether it is just to chat about CVs or opportunities available, the Futures team can support you both during and after university.”

Futures are there to support current and graduate members of the university. If reading the benefits of others has made you think this can support you in the coming weeks, months or even years, then get in touch or book at 1:1 meeting meeting here.

Thank you to final year student Jack Horswell, for writing this.

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