Placement – 25th March 2019 – DAY ONE

So today was the “first” official day whereby I was tasked to do things.

I have been given a copy of the Health and Safety general policy, and various University Code of Practices have been uploaded to my shared drive.  What I have been asked to do is to verify that the necessary UCOP coincide with the VC Health and Safety policy.  If there is insufficient “gold threading” between the policies and UCOP then to highlight this and draft up a new copy so policies and practices are connected.

Whilst reading over the policies, procedures and UCOP, try to simplify whether by flow charts and diagrams or minimising the amount of irrelevant text in the documents.  Basically to make the policies more reader-friendly, while maintaining the important dialogue that is needed.

As I am able to access and read this material off campus, a good proportion of my placement hours will not necessarily take place alongside my supervisor.  I am meeting up again on 29th March to evidence the work I have done and again, 1st April and 5th April

Paperwork and Introductions

Initial contact with the placement supervisor happened on the same day the placement was confirmed 14th March.

Several informal meets happened over the following 10 days, this was mainly to ascertain what exactly my aims were with regards to experience and how Tony could accommodate them.

Tony had been awaiting advice from HR as he has never had a work placement before and so was somewhat unsure to the process for what to do.

The pre-induction meeting commenced on 21st March, with my first formal day of being set tasks to do 25th March (details of included tasks in an additional post).

As a result of the late start, it has not been possible to have the formative and summative assessments completed as part of this assessment.  Though I am sure for a matter of clarification they can be included as part of the next assessment criteria for the overall module

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