Here’s a list of other Blogs that inspire me professionally:

UKSCA‘s website

The professional body of the UK’s strength & conditioning community holds a lot of information about requirements within the job of an S&C coach and job opportunities. It is also great to take part at conferences, workshops and other events organised by the UKSCA to improve the professional network.

NSCA‘s website

Same goes for the American equivalent. They also hold great literature recommendations.

Westside Barbell‘s website

Westside Barbell is a very successful fitness merchandise in the US and their website holds a great collection of articles. They organize workshops with experienced lecturers in the field and much more great things.

Ben Jane‘s website

This is a very useful website in general. There are great articles, guides for academical work and study skills, job opportunities and even more.

Marco Cardinale‘s website

Marco Cardinale is a living legend in the field and wrote many interesting articles which are published on his website.