A dream for Hazard is a nightmare for Chelsea

Eden Hazard admits to wanting to join the “best club in the world”, Real Madrid, in order to increase his chances of winning the Ballon d’Or despite insisting he is happy at Chelsea.

Chelsea’s star man, Hazard, 27, has given out warning signs regarding his future at the club with him saying uncertain comments like, Sometimes I wake and want to go, sometimes I want to stay”. This is playing with the supporter’s minds as it leaves them confused over what will happen, although it seems that the club are playing it cool as he has two years left on his contract.

Real Madrid have definitely been given the green light by the playmaker, as he made it clear that it is the only club that he would want to move to, which is a worry for Chelsea. The ‘Los blancos’ will certainly not waste time in swooping for the Hazard deal, but talks have already stalled as Eden has responded to the media by saying “no” when asking if he was leaving in January.

This seems like an extreme case of déjà vu for the Chelsea fans, as it is resurfacing the feelings caused by the drama of the Thibaut Courtois ‘saga’ during the summer transfer window. There has certainly been a difference in reactions to the way they have both dealt with the situations that have occurred. The uproar that came with the Courtois deal was huge as he received a lot of backlash due to his actions which led to him being branded as obnoxious and heartless by the enraged fans. On the flipside the fans have reacted in a nervous and upset fashion towards the Hazard situation after the realisation that their best player is on the verge of leaving.

As a Chelsea fan myself I feel as if it is obvious that Hazard is the best player at Chelsea or even the world at the moment. The way he is dealing with the media and the current on goings has shown incredible character and maturity which keeps the respect he has gained throughout the years of being at the club. Whereas Courtois was the polar opposite to that as it led to all the fans thinking, the quicker he left the better.

As a result of this, it will be a huge ‘hazard’ if Chelsea’s main man does exit, as it will leave the club in the dark over who could replace him.

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