Fined for being late is not fine

Manchester United, the most profitable football club in the world, fined for being late to a Champions League football match versus Valencia at Old Trafford.

After an abysmal start to the season for a club with the stature like Utd, it has just got worse, as they have been slapped with a £13,203 fine for turning up late to Tuesday nights fixture. This is a ridiculous thing to happen due to it being a home game, they should really know the time it takes to travel to their own stadium with or without traffic, but, evidently not.

Manchester United registered 18 shots in the full 90 minutes in the game which kick off was delayed because of them being late. The game ended 0-0, which subsequently sums up their season thus far. They didn’t play well at all but still managed that many shots which resulted in no goals, this just shows that this United squad really need to sort themselves out, not just off the pitch but on it too. Maybe they were late because they were all trying to get some shooting practice in?

Losing money in this scenario is something they should really be avoiding considering the fact that they are a high-profile club who shouldn’t be making mistakes like this. They are meant to be setting examples in all sorts of ways as the club knows that people on the outside will be looking up to them. This type of event happening to United isn’t good for them, as they know it will be highlighted for people to see which will allow fans and other clubs to identify the additional problems occurring within the club, like it wasn’t bad enough already.

Personally, I think Manchester United really want to sort these issues out before they start mounting up and becoming more serious as it will start to take its toll on the club. As a result of the fine I hope it will make United realise that the club is not as big as the Uefa Officials themselves or the others above them.

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