Derulo sings from balcony in Prague as concert gets called off due to safety concerns

Jason Derulo’s concert at the Tipsport arena, Prague, gets called off due to safety concerns hours before the start of the show, so he resorts to singing to fans on the arenas outside balcony instead.

Despite the concert supposed to be taking place on 27th October, they had earlier rescheduled to gig another evening due to these safety concerns so the fans had a full night of music, but he did not want to leave them empty handed. Derulo recognised the devotion of all of his fans and he said “I mean they been outside since seven this morning, all day long bro” and did not want to let them down.

A video uploaded by the 29 year old onto his Instagram included him being told by his tour manager that the tour could not go on due to safety reasons. He then automatically demanded that he wanted to perform outside and wanted to be given a “megaphone or something”. However, the arena went one better and provided Derulo with a microphone to perform on the balcony outside.

On the balcony, where he is given his microphone, he was able to perform top hits such as ‘Swalla’ and ‘Talk Dirty’, which made fans extremely happy as they were screaming with excitement. The grounds outside the arena were full of people flashing their torches on their phones, giving the setting a really unique effect and as they sang along, the atmosphere was ecstatic.

Tweets from his fans flooded in to show their appreciation to Derulo as he went out of his way for his beloved fans. Memes were uploaded including the word ‘respect’ to show how much the fans really did recognise his commitment to them and making them happy through his music.

His extreme devotion and ‘show must go on attitude’ has also been evident in the performances of other singers as earlier this month a similar scenario occurred with Becky Hill. Becky was forced to sing on the street outside the Manchester Academy after she was forced to cancel a sold-out show due to a burst water pipe.

Jason’s 2018-2019 tour will still continue, with other tour dates in Croatia, Serbia and many more up and coming dates to come.

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