The most memorable day of your life

Rays Of Sunshine are a children’s charity made to brighten the lives of young people who have serious or life-limiting illnesses.

They grant wishes for thousands of kids, helping them live the most memorable day of their lives. Whilst also breaking their daily routine of check ups and hospital appointments. One of these children happened to be my best friend, Carys.

When Carys was about 8 she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. This changed her life completely. Surgery to remove the tumour left her deaf in one ear and she still needs regular check ups.

Even with her disability, my best friend is an inspiration to so many people. She manages to stay positive and have a smile on her face each day, whilst still battling the after affects of what happened when she was so young.

Carys’ mum contacted rays of sunshine, asking them to grant her childhood wish of meeting Olly Murs.

My friend told me, “when I was ill, Olly’s music helped me. When I had to have treatment and go to MRI scans, I would listen to his music and it made me feel invincible”.

Rays Of Sunshine paid for Carys and her family to travel to London and stay in a hotel overnight, to then meet Olly the following day.

Carys was 15 when she finally met Olly. The experience felt “surreal” because she had been wanting to meet him for so many years.

If you know a child who is living with a serious or life-limiting illness and would like to treat them with a once in a life time experience you know they’d love, you can apply for a wish on the Rays Of Sunshine website.


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