Gunman slaughters 12 suspected students at California bar

Yet another American mass shooting has taken the lives of 12 young people including a police officer at a college music night.

The suspect reportedly walked straight through the front door – armed and extremely dangerous- and opened fire on the 200 people packed into the California bar last night. The killer, causing major panic and sending the packed event into chaos, threw smoke bombs at the crowd and proceeded to fire his weapon over 30 times.

Local university students attend the club regularly which is well known in the area as a popular spot for a carefree, exciting night out that last night turned into a bloody mess. Footage soon hit Facebook and Snapchat showing images of other students rescuing their friends from the madness among screams and pleas for their classmates. 

Reporters suggest that another 10 people were wounded by the gunfire and the stampede that occurred shortly after. The suspect is believed to have killed himself inside the bar.

A survivor from the attack said: “I was on the dance floor and I heard the gunshots, so I looked back and then all of a sudden everyone screamed: get down! It was a huge panic, everyone got up, I was trampled, I was kind of left on the floor until some guy came behind me and grabbed me and dragged me out.”

7 out of the 10 worst mass shootings that the United States has ever seen have all happened in the last 10 years – and yet how can the price of a gun be under half the amount you paid for your smartphone?