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After being awarded the PFA League One Bristol Street Motors Fans’ Player of the Month for October, Freddie Ladapo said “to obviously achieve something that’s all around the league,for the best player in that month, is a great feeling”.

After scoring 6 goals in 6 games in the month of October, he said that his main goal is helping the team win and it not just be about him scoring the goals and getting the credit.

Here is what Freddie had to say after winning that award and talking about his form for Plymouth Argyle.

You’re currently Plymouth’s top goal scorer at the moment, which has subsequently earnt you PFA League One Bristol Street Motors Fans’ Player of the Month. How does that feel?

FL: It feels wonderful. Today I got into football and I had a lot of interviews to be doing and obviously all the players were giving me a bit of stick, laughing and joking. But no, it’s a great achievement to have, i’ve not actually been here that long and to achieve something that’s all around the league for the best player in that month is a great feeling.

It’s seems like you’ve got regular playing time at the moment that’s allowed you to settle in to the league quite quickly and the club. Do you think that’s the case?

FL: Yeah definitely, I think where I’ve been in previous clubs, its always clubs I’ve played a lot or been a big player in that side which has allowed me to score goals. It’s not easy, how some players may find it still okay to be coming on and be scoring and things. I think for me I need to be playing to really be sharpening my tools and get rid of all them missed chances and actually start converting them.

With the goals that you’ve scored, it shows that you’re clearly in-form at the moment. As well as scoring goals and it being good for you, does it feel good helping the team out?

FL: Definitely, I think the times when, I remember Burton when I scored two, but we didn’t win, like I remember I wasn’t really happy that day and even my friends would say to me, you scored two goals you know, you should be happy. But I was so disappointed that we couldn’t come away with the win, because I felt like that would’ve been perfect and that’s my biggest aim, to win matches rather than just to score goals.

After the getting the responses to those questions regarding his form and how it feels to help the team. The topic of conversation then moved on to his earlier career and how that has impacted his career. Along with a question aimed at the title race in the Premier League.

I’ve noticed that a lot of your career you’ve spent on loan, how has that impacted you as a player?

FL: It’s not really easy because sometimes you go to clubs and maybe they have a system, a way of playing or, it might be hard for you to integrate into that team. But it’s a chance for you to go and play football and learn your trade anywhere and I think the reasons why I obviously was going on loan was to gain that experience, which has obviously helped me to today.

Being on loan, does the location change effect your lifestyle at all?

It depends on obviously the area and the place I mean some places are easier to deal with than others. I think a place like Plymouth I didn’t obviously know what to expect but there’s a lot of nice people, it’s quite quiet and you just get to enjoy good scenery and everything and everyone is just nice really.

I’ve seen that you’re now on a permanent deal at Argyle. Does it make you happy finally having that stability?

FL: Definitely, I think that’s what I wanted, as soon as I had the chance to come here just a little bit of stability and to know it may take a little while to get going or anything but you have enough time for that to happen and things can change and things like that.

You’ve played in a Premier League match before, for Crystal Palace against Man United. How would you describe that experience on a whole?

FL: It was like a surreal experience. I don’t think I probably appreciated it until I’ve left Palace but, you realise that you’ve played with the best of players, obviously I trained with the best of players every day, but obviously that’s not the same as being on the pitch. You have 75,000 fans around you and you’re looking at it thinking, wow I’m actually here. Then, you get home and you see on Match Of The Day or on Sky Sports, you see yourself coming on and you’re thinking, wow that’s actually me.

What’s your opinion on the Premier League title contenders at the moment, because most people are saying it’s a five-horse race. What’s your opinion on that?

FL: To be honest with you, I think City do look quite comfortable like very comfortable. I know it’s like a lot of the teams are looking well, like the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, probably even the Tottenham and Arsenal are creeping in there just making it a bit tougher but it’s obviously great to have more competition but me I’d have to back city again.



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