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Plymouths top 3 places to get lunch if your vegan!

Taco Tuesday.

If you’re looking for a quick cheap lunch Nowhey tacos Located in the Plymouth market at the bottom of town is the perfect location. This family ran food stall serves Mexican inspired homemade tacos and nachos and its completely vegan! Tacos normally cost £2 each other than Tuesdays when prices are cut in half to just £1 a taco.


Plymouths best burger.

If you’re not on a budget and have plenty of time to pass samphire brasserie will blow you away with its award winning vegan junk food. The restaurant became completely vegan in 2015 and since starting bringing out their own delicious cruelty free recipes. Costing around £9 a burger samphire isn’t the cheapest lunch option but defiantly worth the money if you have the extra cash.

Wagamamas vegan menu

Over the last few years more and more big chain restaurant are bringing out vegan menus to cater for the growing demand for a cruelty free option. None have impressed me more than Wagamamas attempt at this. They provide a large number and variety of Japanese dishes.


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