Santa Coming to Marjon, Not Plym Uni


Recent and regular sightings of reindeer across Plymouth Marjon University’s campus has caused speculation that most of the students in attendance are, for once, on the nice list. While the snobs at The University of Plymouth boast student numbers, intellectual results, successful sports teams, and a terrible slogan, evidence could suggest that Santa is in fact not coming to town for these naughty know-it-alls.

They’re here

While some argue that they are just regular deer seeking shelter and free food from the once used allotment, students are getting in the festive spirit (which we all know boosts Santa’s sleigh power from the movie, Elf) as we close in to almost exactly a month away from this most wonderful time of the year.

Two reindeer dashing through the leaves

So what will it be for the well behaved “up the johns”? A white Christmas? A Mr. Potato head? Or, depending on how keen your spouse is, that long-awaited engagement ring.

As sightings continue throughout the weeks, only time will tell what Fairytale of Marjon will occur this year.

Always watching

Be good, he’s making a list and checking it twice.


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